Iftari Packs

Feed a fasting person;

Ramadan is the month of generosity, giving charity and benevolence. It is the month of solidarity, kindness and mercy. Many people across the globe will die in the holy month due to poverty.

Our Ramadan Iftar Program targets the most vulnerable families who live in the remotest areas in Malawi, who have little access to food or water. We also distribute food packages to widows and orphanages working in collaboration with local partners to reach most parts of the country.

Iftar packs cost £25.00 per family and include:

NO Particular Weight
1 Maize Meal 10 kgs
2 Likuni Phala 2 kgs
3 Beans 2 kgs
4 Rice 5 kgs
5 Sugar 2 kgs
6 Kitchen Salt 1 kg
7 Biscuits 280 g
8 Tea Leaves 200 g
9 Soap 200 g
10 Soya Pieces 450 g
11 Cooking Oil 500  ml


We also deliver a ‘Village Iftar Programme’ where the villagers are provided with the ingredients and they prepare a meal for everyone in the village and participate in village Iftar programme.

Our Iftar packs will reach those in the most remote areas. One Iftar pack for £25 will provide supplies for Iftar to feed the family for whole month of Ramadan.

Our village Iftar programme provides local people with a cooked Meal, just £10 offers a collective Iftar at the local Masjid for up to 40 people.

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