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Malawi Relief Fund UK.

Registered UK Charity. Registration Number: 1119600

Malawi Relief Fund is a Charity Registered in the UK established to alleviate poverty in Malawi. Malawi Relief Fund has been working tirelessly to cover and reach out to all regions of Malawi.

Inspired by the Islamic teachings of selflessness and giving generously to look after the less privileged.

Malawi Relief Fund aims to alleviate poverty and break the cycle of dependency.


The focus of our work is:
– to provide humanitarian aid for the poor
– to provide and improve access to clean water
– to improve access to health care and support in remote areas
– to improve access to and standards of education
– to support the most vulnerable in particular widows and orphans
– to deliver sustainable development programmes and break the cycle of dependence.


Our Vision

To help alleviate poverty and break the cycle of dependency by delivering sustainable development programmes and education.


Our Approach

We are committed to ensuring and maintaining Accountability and transparency at all times. This is vital as it ensures our donors can donate generously with full confidence that their donations will make a difference and support those in need. At Malawi Relief Fund every penny donated is used for charitable purposes.

We provide reports to sponsors and donors and share the activities through our website and annual submissions to the Charities Commission

We publish an annual report showing how we spent donations and the outcomes / impact that the programmes have had. Establish partnerships with charities in Malawi to deliver and oversee our projects cost effectively.

We ensure all donations are used for the intended programmes and in line with Islamic guidance.

We use donation made for administration purposes and with the approval of donors some amount of the Gift Aid to cover the operational cost which is in the main administration, fund raising and marketing costs.

We have no staff or offices.


Our Partners

Malawi Relief Fund partners with NGO’s working in Malawi

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