Activity Report

The report gives our supporters and donors an insight
into the programmes delivered over the past twelve months
as well as a glimpse of our future plans.


It is with great pleasure we introduce to you the 2022 Activity Report for Malawi Relief Fund UK. The report gives our
supporters and donors an insight into the programmes delivered over the past twelve months as well as a glimpse of our future

Once again, the pandemic presented many challenges in terms of project delivery. The lock-down which included closures of schools, and colleges, and the travel restrictions all hampered aid at a time when it was needed more than ever. The local and
international restrictions not only had a significant impact on how we deliver our aid programmes, but also how we responded to new local needs and importantly how we keep our team safe.

Our focus is to improve access to education, health care, provide clean water and sanitation. We also aim to relieve poverty by building capacity and empowerment to help improve livelihood opportunities thus improving living conditions.

Our teams on the ground have developed a comprehensive understanding of the local conditions which has been pivotal in enabling us to confidently develop and deliver innovative programmes to meet local needs.

Our strong partnerships and working arrangements with local partner has enabled us to increase capacity to deliver programmes more efficiently and effectively on your behalf.

The year was made more difficult following the sad loss of many key people in Malawi including our Trustee Ismail Adam.

His passing was a huge shock to all. A bubbly, caring, professional individual able to get on with anyone and leaves behind many fond memories and a big hole for us all and in particular his family.

Brother Ismail was very passionate and worked hard to make a difference for the local community. He provided a balanced

approach and offered his wisdom, knowledge and guidance which contributed enormously to MRF’s development.

Maulana Ayub Devla Saheb (RA) of Alfalah Trust. Another passionate, and hard-working individual who worked in some of the most remote areas and was key to helping us deliver so many wonderful projects. He helped make a difference to so
many lives, giving them opportunities they would never otherwise have.

Gaffar Bhai Jakhura was an and amazing man. Having developed a successful business, he spent much of the past few years delivering charitable programmes though Gift of the Givers. He was our go to person for advice, guidance and his
wisdom. He will no doubt be sorely missed.

There were many more together with many of our donors and supporters who left this temporary abode. May the Almighty be pleased with them all and grant them all the highest of abodes.

We continue to be amazed at the fantastic support and commitment of our donors, supporters and volunteers that help the poor and needy in Malawi. We extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all of you as we would not be able to deliver our programme without your generous support and donations.

We hope you will continue to support us as we enter another eventful year as we will see the development of 10 new nurseries, flagship orphanage, one clinic, a health centre, 20 community hubs, 3 rural vocational training centres, 2 new secondary and primary schools.

Mr. Faruk Bharucha

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