Activity Report 2023

The report gives our supporters and donors an insight
into the programmes delivered over the past twelve months
as well as a glimpse of our future plans.


Malawi Relief Fund Activity Report 2023

Malawi Relief Fund Activity Report 2023

It is with great pleasure we introduce to you the 2023 Activity Report for Malawi Relief Fund UK. The report gives our supporters and donors an insight into the programmes delivered over the past twelve months as well as a glimpse of our future

I would first like to thank all our donors. Without your donations, we would never be able to carry out the important work which has eased the pain and made a difference to so many lives in Malawi.

Malawi Relief Fund Blackburn Charity

I would like to pay tribute to our staff, volunteers and trustees who have dedicated many hours to ensure MRF’s Charity activities run smoothly and have also been at the forefront in delivering vital aid to help alleviate poverty in Malawi.

Our focus is to improve access to education, health care, provide clean water and sanitation. We also aim to relieve poverty by building capacity through our empowerment programmes aimed improve livelihood opportunities thus improving living conditions.

This year has been extremely challenging with the difficult economic conditions in the country. The cost increases and cost uncertainties, the shortage of foreign exchange, and the lack supply of materials have all had an impact project delivery.

The increase in cost of living has also had a significant impact on food security with millions predicted to be facing food shortage this year.

NEW BWANALI VILLAGE SALIMA Rebuilding Houses Activity Report 2023 - Malawi Relief Fund UKWith that in mind, it has been a huge year for MRF where we built over 600 houses, 10 new community complexes, built 2 new vocational centers in rural areas, one new ECD, completed works on our first health clinic, further developed the vocational training center introducing the electrical programme. Works at our new orphanage in Jali, Zomba District is progressing well scheduled to open in July accommodating 100 children providing boarding as well as secular and Islamic education.

Our teams on the ground have developed a comprehensive understanding of the local conditions which has been pivotal in enabling us to confidently develop and deliver innovative programmes to meet local needs.

Our strong partnerships and working arrangements with our local partners have enabled us to increase our capacity to deliver programmes more efficiently and effectively on your behalf. We take this opportunity to thank all our delivery partners Al Mahmood Foundation, Al Falah Educational Trust, Islamic Zakat Fund, LIMO, and Maryam Girls Teacher Training College.

MRF Cyclone Response Feb 7 202215 Activity Report 2023 - Malawi Relief Fund UKAs a charity we continue to strategize to maintain our 100% donation policy. We take the trust of people very seriously and guarantee that every penny we receive from you is spent supporting the causes and projects you have donated to in Malawi.

We continue to be amazed at the fantastic support and commitment of our donors, supporters and volunteers that help the poor and needy in Malawi. We extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all of you as we would not be able to deliver our programme without your generous support and donations.

We hope you will continue to support us as we enter another eventful year.

Mr. Faruk Bharucha


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