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What we Do

We Need Your Help

Malawi Relief Fund is fully dependent on the goodwill and commitment of the fantastic volunteers. There are no paid staff and all the volunteers play an important part in ensuring Malawi Relief Fund delivers the programmes.

If you want to volunteer you can do so in a number of ways:

  • Give some time to help raise funds
  • We are always looking for volunteers to distribute our leaflets
  • Support with fundraising programmes and sponsored activities
Contact Us To Become Volunteer

Complete the Form

Enter your details below informing us how you would like to get involved and how you can assist in the mission we are undertaking.

Please provide days, dates, periods of time and how regularly you can assist. 

Once we have processed your application we will get in touch as soon as we can. Thank you for showing an interest in volunteering for Malawi Relief Fund UK.

    If you are a volunteer (whether for specifically Malawi Relief Fund UK, or if you are helping us for other reasons – for example you work for another organisation which is running an event with us) then we may collect extra information about you (e.g. references, criminal records checks, details of emergency contacts, medical conditions etc.). This information will be retained for legal reasons, to protect us (including in the event of an insurance or legal claim) and for safeguarding purposes.

    Please view our comprehensive Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance on our Privacy Policy

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