Eid Packs

Eid gift and food pack distribution

Providing families with Food on Eid Day

Eid is a joyful event, one of celebration, present giving and spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately, this is only true for a small percentage of the world’s population. For the majority, Eid stretches a families finances, with many unable to afford new clothes for their children, a decent meal, or even for the meat that comes from the required sacrifice all Muslims must make on Eid-ul Adha (Qurbani).

However, with your help, we can make Eid a truly happy day. Our Eid Packs costing just £8.00 provide families with food, water and essential items so they too can enjoy this happy and auspicious occasions.

Donate £8.00  now to help feed a family on Eid day

or £2.50 for an Eid gift to make a child happy this Eid

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