Shukran Orphanage Centre

Shukran Orphanage Centre

Malawi is one of the poorest countries, where 1 in 5 children will die before the age of 5 through preventable illness

Malawi had over 1 Million Orphans. According to UNICEF Over 13% of children have lost their parents Caregivers and 17% are living without their biological parents.

Malawi Relief Fund has established Zomba Shukran Orphan Care which provides a caring, loving, supportive environment for 60 children so that they too are given an opportunity to develop and reach their full potential. AT the Orphanage we provide the children good quality living environment, clothing, food, Islamic and secular education, medical care, and social emotional support for all the children.

As part of our complex there is Masjid, Madrassah, Nursery and Flour Mill which generates some income to support the complex. All the children are encouraged to complete their formal education and are supported through to further and higher education.We have had 5 children go onto the Teacher Training College and have Qualified as Primary School Teachers.

Rabia has been supported to fulfil her ambition and is currently in her final year at Zanzibar University reading Public Administration. Rabia recently wrote to us and said:
“I am so grateful and appreciating you for giving me this chance to complete my tertiary studies here at Zanzibar University may Allah bless you and grant you Jannatu Firdausi Insha Allah. I would like also to let you know that am finishing my studies in July insha Allah and my studies are going well and am continuing working hard till I will achieve my goal of coming here that’s to get a Degree in Public Administration, and tomorrow I will be Zakaat payers insha Allah”

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