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Gift of Sight

For just £40 we can sponsor a cataract operation which will not only restore one’s vision but als

Direct Support Programme

The packs costing just £20 would provide food and essential items for the families for a few weeks.

Iftari Packs

Send A Donation For Iftar Food Packs Zakaat Sadaqa LIllah Options Iftar Food Packs Ramadan is the mo

Eid Food Packs

Send A Donation For Eid Food Packs and Eid Gifts Zakaat Sadaqa LIllah Sadaqa-e-fitra Options EID FOO

Shukran Orphanage Centre

1 in 5 children will die before the age of 5 through preventable illness. Our orphanage improves th

Qurbani For Eid-Ul-Adha

Send your requests to Malawi Relief Fund UK for the annual Eid-U-Adha Qurbani

Water Wells

Over 3000 children die very year from cholera and other illness from water borne diseases.

Sponsor a Student

You can sponsor a child through secondary school for £200 per year.

Support a Teacher

Make a positive difference for the future of Malawians by supporting a teacher for £400 per year

Women’s Development

EMPOWER WOMEN & PROMOTE SELF-RELIANCE Zakaat Sadaqa LIllah Options Developing Skills and provid

Supporting Farmers

HELP TACKLE FOOD INSECURITY AND PROMOTE SELF-RELIANCE. Last year we supported 9,500 small hold

Rebuilding Masjids

HELP EMPOWER & DEVELOP LOCAL COMMUNITIES LIllah Options Community Complex. Developing Communiti

Rebuilding homes


Health Clinic

Work on New Health Clinic Starts on Site In Nkhota Kota. Plans have been drawn up and we hope we

Wheelchairs & Tricycles

The aim of the project is to alleviate poverty and improve the life of those suffering from immobili

Winter Warmth

Keep People Warm & Safe Zakaat Sadaqa LIllah Options KEEPING PEOPLE WARM & SAFE. MRF Keepin

Bicycle Ambulances

Help transport the sick, elderly, and children to access medical treatment.

Nursery – Early Years Development

MRF giving children the good start they deserve. All children deserve a good start to ensure they

Economic Empowerment

Helping provide families with a reliable source of income through the provision of fishing boats for

Investing in the Environment

Planting trees on farms can play an important role in poverty reduction and improving food securit

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