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Bicycle Ambulances


Bicycle Ambulances

Bicycle Ambulances.  
Malawi Relief Fund UK Making Healthcare Accessible.  

The remote areas have perennial problems of impassable muddy roads and difficult terrain that is inaccessible by motor vehicle. Many clinics are 5 to 20 km away.

This makes it challenging to transport the sick, elderly, children and expecting mothers to the hospitals / clinics. Most have to walk and many are unable to make the journey and unfortunately, lose their lives.


Help transport the sick, elderly, and children to access treatment.

Bicycle ambulance: £295

Only Lillah can be given

Cost: £295 per Ambulance

Please donate any amount to support the programme.

Only Lillah can be given

Bicycle Ambulances

2024 Eid Gifts Prep Bicycle Ambulances - Malawi Relief Fund UK

Eid Packs & Eid Gifts Being Prepared For Eid-ul-Fitra 2024

Eid Gifts and Packs being readied for distribution to the children of Malawi for Eid-ul-Fitr 2024.

Gifts will be distributed to the gifts on the day of Eid in line with obligations.

Please continue to donate your Sadqa and Fitra for the children so they may also enjoy their day of celebration with smiles on their faces.

To donate, please visit:

MRF qurbani 2023 001 Bicycle Ambulances - Malawi Relief Fund UK

Qurbani Meat 2023 Being Distributed

Qurbani’s began immediately after the Eid Salaah & Kudbah in Malawi and by the next day all qurbani’s were complete, bagged and distributed to the thousands of needy families in Malawi

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