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Cyclone ‘Ana’ Emergency Appeal



Cyclone Ana hit Malawi on January 24th devastating parts of Malawi. The floods and winds ripped through the country destroying river banks, tearing down power lines the infrastructure with many roads and bridges damaged cutting off communities.

According to the Department for Disaster Management Affairs (DODMA):

  • The cyclone affected over 800,000
  • 33 people lost their lives
  • Over 200,000 people displaced
  • 600,000 acres for land affected – including farming land was destroyed. 


MRF’s teams on the ground quickly mobilised delivering much needed urgent relief including food, basic items, plastic sheets, water purifiers, etc to support the people.

Our assessment shows that many homes were destroyed or badly damaged.

As part of our medium to long term strategy MRF plan to step up the house building programme.

Cyclone Ana Emergency Appeal Jan2022 Cyclone 'Ana' Emergency Appeal - Malawi Relief Fund UK

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