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Fitra Delivered 2024 Eid Food Packs - Malawi Relief Fund UKEID FOOD PACK DISTRIBUTION

Tackling Hunger and Providing Families with Food on Eid Day

Eid is a joyful event, one of celebration, present giving and spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately, this is only true for a small percentage of the world’s population.

For the majority, they unable to afford new clothes for their children, a decent meal.

However, with your help, we can make Eid a truly happy day. Our Eid Packs costing just £15.00 provide poor families in rural areas with food, and essential items so they too can enjoy this happy and auspicious occasions.

The Eid Packs are distributed before EID and you can be assured your Sadaqat-ul-Fitr will be discharged before Eid Day.

 Donate £15.00 now to help feed a family on Eid day


Bringing a Smile with Gifts for Children

The Eid Gifts Programme ensures the children can also look forward to enjoying and celebrating the blessed day of Eid.

This wonderful gift brings much joy and happiness for thousands of children for as little as £2.50.

 Donate £2.50 for a Eid Gift

Send A Donation For Eid Food Packs and Eid Gifts

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