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Early Years Development.

MRF giving children the good start they deserve.

All children deserve a good start to ensure they can fulfil their potential. Our programme fits into the governments strategy of Early Childhood Development (ECD) where children can learn in a safe, healthy, nutritious, inclusive, and stimulating environment.

Having piloted the nursery programme this year we have set a vision to start 20 new ECD Centre nurseries which will provide a good standard of learning environment for the children.

Our aim is to also prepare the children for primary school and support their intellectual, emotional and spiritual development.

The centres will provide programmes for the mothers to include parenting, health awareness, skills development etc. The children are also provided food at the nursery which for many is their only meal for they.


Early Years Development 2 Nursery - Early Years Development - Malawi Relief Fund UK Early Years Development 3 Nursery - Early Years Development - Malawi Relief Fund UKEarly Years Development Nursery - Early Years Development - Malawi Relief Fund UK

£50 per child for the year

Please donate any amount to support the programme.

Zakat, Sadaqah and Lillah can be given
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