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Secondary School education in Malawi is provided by the state and privately and has to be paid for. Fees vary depending on the type of school and can range from £20 per year at local community school to more than £700 per year.

Many of the community schools still have the major issues such as inadequate and in many cases unsafe classroom facilities, lack of adequately trained and qualified teachers, number of students per class could be over 150 in some classes, lack of learning resources, the shortage of schools which means pupils having to walk great distances to attend school, lack of electricity clean water, etc.

For most families the school fees are not affordable even at the low fee end and so children are unable to attend or complete their secondary education.

Malawi Relief Fund’s School Scholarship programme helps students through the cost of secondary school and where necessary provide transport or boarding during term time.We believe it is vital to provide the children with a good education to improve their life chances and more importantly break this cycle.

You can sponsor a child through secondary school for £200 per year.



Secondary School Student Sponsorship Secondary School Student Sponsorship

Graduation Ceremony September 2022

Malawi Relief Fund sponsored 15 students’ receiving their graduation honours in different health disciplines at Malawi College of Health Sciences 

The ceremony took place on Friday 2nd September 2022 in Lilongwe

Send A Donation To Help Educate A Child

Malawi Relief Fund Blackburn Charity

All-In-One Islamic Training & Vocational Centres.

Malawi Relief Fund campaigners from the UK visited Malawi over the last fortnight to check upon progress of works being undertaken from donations to Malawi.

Masjid e Ali is part the All-In-One Islamic Training & Vocational Centres.

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