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Teacher Training Programme:

Primary school education in Malawi is provided by the Government, and is free to all students in Malawi.

Free primary school education was introduced to Malawi in 1994, and in the first year of the introduction, primary school enrolment tripled from 1.6 Million students to over 3 million students.

Whilst the increase was a real positive, there was no capacity in the infrastructure to cope with this demand resulting in a national shortage of classrooms and qualified teacher.Teacher Training Programme:s by Malawi Relief Fund UK

Although more students now have access to primary education, there are significant issues including:
· The quality of education,
· There is a lack of resources and classrooms,
· There is an acute shortage of qualified teachers,
· Many of the schools lack basic amenities such as clean water and latrines.

Our programme to sponsor students to qualify as teachers is an excellent way to not only address these issues but build capacity and develop and empower women who will be able to secure full time employment and sustain their families.

The vision is develop the learning environment, the teaching methods and to train and develop the next generation of teachers who can provide good quality education.

We have teamed up with Mariam Teacher Training College who provide affordable education and training to women leading to a qualification in teaching.

A high percentage of teachers who qualify from MGTTC are posted to Government schools run under the Ministry of Education.

You can sponsor a student for £450 per annum to provide their accommodation, education, food, resources including whilst on placement.

Teacher Training Programme: by Malawi Relief Fund UK

Help To Create Teachers To Educate The Nation

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