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Fidya, is payable by individuals on missed fasts, due to illness, elderly, travelling etc at £3.50 per day.
eg. 30 missed fasts amounts to £3.50 x 30 = £105.00


Kaffarah is due when someone breaks a Ramadhan fast intentionally. In this case they would be required to fast for 60 days consecutively.

If one cannot do these fasts then they must feed sixty (60) poor people. ie: £3.50 * 60 = £210.00
They will also need to observe one qadha fast for each broken fast.

The cost of projects are displayed as an indication as to how much each project costs.

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Please kindly note that for various reasons which are beyond our control, such as exchange rates, cost of commodities,  the cost for the project you have donated may vary. Please note, and be assured, that any surplus funds will be used on the same or similar projects where most needed.

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