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Khadija Valli (age 9) Gifts Malawi’s Children £2,450.00

During Ramadan 2019, Khadijah Valli, aged 9, raised a fantastic £1140 for the poor and needy of Malawi.
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We put that money to good use and fed a number of families, provided blankets, and other essentials.  This year (2020), Khadijah was hoping to surpass last year’s total.

Khadija said:

“Last year I fundraised for Malawi Relief Fund UK to provide Eid Gifts for the Poor Children.

You supported me to raise £1140 and we put smiles on 460 young faces.
It’s that time of the year, and I am asking for your help so we can do it all again.”

You can also pay direct into the bank

NAME: Malawi Relief Fund UK
AC. NO: 14210959
SORT CODE: 01-00-85

View Khadijah’s Gift Appeal  in this pdf and make sure to donate generously.

Khadija amassed a total donation of £2450.00 by campaigning for the people of Malawi.

The money is to be used on gifts the children, food and other much needed resources.

Khadija’s Gifts have been distributed to the children in Malawi for this year.

Khadija, again ran a wonderful campaign to raise much-needed funds for these children. see photographs below.

Khadija Valli was presented with a certificate for her worthy achievement by one of our Trustees on behalf of Malawi Relief Fund UK to thank her for all her efforts and good work.

May she be rewarded for her efforts and make her the coolness of her parents eyes.  May she inspire others to do the same and make it easy for her to continue to help those in need.


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