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Malawi Relief Fund UK has distributed relief items to over 300 families in Mangochi District that were affected by strong winds due to heavy rains that affected their communities some weeks ago.

The strong winds wreaked havoc in three areas that were greatly affected — Makawa, Lutende and Chiponde — rendering hundreds of families helpless. Malawi Relief Fund UK distributed food parcels containing maize flour, rice, beans, Likuni Phala, salt, sugar as well as plastic sheeting roll items.

Malawi Relief Fund UK country coordinator Yakub Valli said this year’s rainy period, from the onset, has been characterized by strong winds alongside violent rainfall resulting in destruction of dwelling houses, prayer houses and classroom blocks.

“Over 400 households need help in Mangochi as houses have been destroyed by strong winds and according to the information made available, about 437 houses including school blocks have had their roofs blown off in three Traditional Authorities, namely Jalasi, Namavi and Mponda.

“The strong winds affected many houses, mostly grass thatched while those with iron sheets had their roofs blown off and walls collapsed,” he said.

He added that they had to come in because they are also helping the communities in several social development projects.
Valli said Malawi Relief Fund UK felt it duty bound to respond to the situation with the relief items after learning that many of the families affected are in dire need of support.
The affected families have now become homeless and very poor considering that the incident has taken place at a time when most of them are reeling in hunger,’ Valli said.

He further said that he is very grateful for the wonderful contribution made by the donors of Malawi Relief Fund UK, who teamed up to solicit the support in UK for this purpose.
Fatima Issa, 58, a farmer from Kandende Village in Senior Chief Jalasi said her house was completely destroyed by the heavy winds.


Please click the below donation buttons on this page to send your zakaat, sadaqa, lillah for Cause: “Mangochi Emergency Relief”

Send A Donation Towards Emergency Flood Relief

Send A Donation Towards Emergency Flood Relief

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