Our Mission…

is to relieve poverty and improve the lives and well-being of Malawians.

Health and Wellbeing

Access to Clean Water
Winter Warmth
Gift of Sight Cataract operations
Medical equipment
Boys Circumcision

Emergency Relief

Flood Appeal
Emergency Aid

Humanitarian Aid

Food Hampers
Eid and Iftari Packs
Eid Gifts
Shukran Orphanage


Widows Development: Tailoring
Winter Cropping
Farmers packs
Sponsor a Teacher / Imam
Support couples to get married

Physical Development

New Homes Programme
Rebuilding Mosques and Madrassahs
Build a classroom
Build latrines
Water Wells


Student Sponsorship
Access to secondary education
Teacher Training
Educational Resources

For almost a decade

We have been helping more than 10,000 people

Malawi Relief Fund has been working hard to support the poor and needy in Malawi delivering humanitarian aid and responding to local need.

Working with local charitable partners, Malawi Relief Fund has been able to achieve excellent value for money in delivering the aid and programmes effectively, efficiently and more importantly, directly to the people in most need. Supported by a team of dedicated and committed volunteers, Malawi Relief works hard to minimise administrative costs, which in the main is printing for fundraising, accounting, etc. and have donors who support to cover much of the administrative costs.

During 2019 we…

• Built 365 New houses
• Built 15 New community hubs including places of worship
• Provided 200 water wells and 8 boreholes
• Carried out 7,300 cataract operations
• Carried out 2,150 boys circumcisions
• Provided 25 rural ambulances
• Provided 25 tricycles and wheelchairs for the disabled
• Distributed 10,000 families provided blankets
• Distributed 68,000 families provided food packs
• Supported 200 women provided training and development
• Provided 226 graduates scholarships for degree programmes
• Provided 100 bicycles for taxi and goods
• Provided 5 fishing boats
• Sponsored 100 scholarships for teacher training
• Sponsored 280 students supported for vocational training
• Sponsored 300 children secondary school bursary
• Delivered 9550 farmers with farmers packs
• Supported 60 families with 120 goats
• Supported 150 householders on monthly direct support programme
• Provided 150 children with nursery
• Built the first Islamic library
• Delivered 1,000 qurbanis
• Looked after 56 children at our Shukran Orphanage
• Provided access to clean water to 10,000 people

People we have helped

New Homes Built
Cataract Operations
Water Wells Built
Food Packs Delivered

How we help

Promote Sustainability

Equip where possible with the tools, resources, knowledge and skills that will help individuals break the cycle of dependency and earn their own living.

Health and Well-being

Provide access to clean water,
Access to safe treatment; cataract operations and boys circumcision,
Support for the vulnerable sections of society including widows, Develop our Orphanage


Improve access to education; Provide the resources to increase retention rates and attainment and where possible improve the standard of education.
Run Nurseries and Islamic Education classes

Improve Physical Environment

Ambitious programme to build 1,000 home for victims of the 2015 floods.
Rebuild / Refurbish Mosques damaged

Together we can make a difference to the lives of many

Support Malawi Relief Fund to help alleviate poverty and break the cycle of dependency

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